Estate planning is essential for anyone who desires to have their wishes carried out upon their death. In planning your estate, you are ensuring that your family will not have to be burdened financially or emotionally with the division of your assets. Grimaldi Law handles all aspects of estate planning with exceptional detail and understanding. Making the kinds of decisions necessary to complete an estate plan can be quite difficult for a client to face, however Grimaldi Law prides themselves on taking the discomfort out of this process.

At Grimaldi Law, we prepare comprehensive plans to deal with a client’s incapacity and death by drafting some of these types documents:

    □ Last will and Testament

Your last will and testament is a legal document that specifies which individuals or charities will receive your property or possessions upon your death. Grimaldi Law will assist you in putting together these documents, along with helping you determine how to choose a beneficiary or beneficiaries for your estate.

□ General Power of Attorney & Limited Power of Attorney

Choosing a power of attorney means you are making the decisions for whom you will allow to act as an agent on your behalf, should you not be able to make decisions for yourself.

A limited (also known as "specific") power of attorney restricts the scope of the agent’s involvements in your decisions, and Grimaldi Law will help you put together either or both of these documents that are essential as part of the estate planning process.

□ Durable power of attorney

Grimaldi Law will prepare a durable power of attorney, which is a document that allows your designated agent continue to act on your behalf, even though you become incapacited.

□ Health care documents, including living wills and health care designation.

Living wills and health care designation allow you to declare your health care wishes, which you to be followed as well as designate who you trust to make health care decisions for you if you cannot make them for yourself. Grimaldi Law will put together these critical documents for you to ensure that you have a plan in place in case you fall ill.

□ Heath care designation for your minor child.

A health care designation for your minor children helps you designate someone to make your child's heath care decisions should you not be able to.  A common example is if you are travelling.  This will give you the piece of mind to know that.

□ Various types of revocable and irrevocable trusts

    Grimaldi Law can review existing estate planning       documents to determine if they are valid, relevant     and appropriate as things change in your life.

    □ Amend Will by drafting a Codicil

 A codicil to a will is a testamentary document that can be used in place of or alongside an existing will that changes just a small portion of the Will.. Should you need to add additional documents to further protect your assets, Grimaldi Law is here for you.

□ Revoke Power of Attorneys

Situations change, and so might your desire to keep a particular power of attorney on your documents. Should you need to revoke a power of attorney, you will need legal help, and Grimaldi Law is here for you.

□ Cancel, Amend or Revoke Trust

In the event your trust must be cancelled, amended or revoked, Grimaldi Law can prepare all of these legal documents on your behalf.

□ Work with Accountants to develop a plan to minimize taxes

Grimaldi Law will ensure you are working with the right specialists to guarantee your tax matters are handled carefully.

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