S. Florida Real Estate & Estate Planning Attorney

S. Florida Real Estate & Estate Planning Attorney


Multilingual. Multifaceted. Multifarious.

These are just a few words that describe Melinda Grimaldi’s ability and talent for running her own law firm. But when it comes to her entrepreneurial spirit and hunger for success, Melinda only knows one way – up. Like the thriving skyline of South Florida’s east coast, Melinda Grimaldi’s passion for providing the best legal expertise she can, continues to grow, evolve, and flourish.

A graduate of Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Broad Law Center, Melinda received her Juris Doctorate with honors, at the top of her class. Throughout the course of her law school studies, Melinda worked to represent low-income clients in family law matters as a certified legal intern with the Florida Supreme Court. It was in this role that Melinda realized her passion for helping others through her extensive knowledge of the law, and where she established a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others throughout the course of her career.

Her drive for success didn’t start there. Growing up the daughter in an Italian family with a real estate business of their own in Montreal, Melinda had a first-hand look into what being an entrepreneur really meant. It was these learning lessons that proved invaluable to Melinda’s future, and solidified her desire to succeed. Her initial leap into the world of law was driven by the notion of receiving a law degree to be able to help with her family’s Real Estate business – one that filled her with passion and purpose. The very first in her family to graduate college and no stranger to hard work, when Melinda was asked as a child what she aspired to be, she always insisted she would be her own boss. And her own boss she became – the best way for Melinda to continue building on her passions as an attorney, while balancing family life and motherhood.

Today, Melinda practices real estate law and probate law, as well as estate planning, at Grimaldi Law Firm in Hollywood, Florida. Once she started a family of her own was when she really got a passion for Estate Planning for families with minor children. She prides herself on being able to give her full attention to her clients while remaining a flexible leader for her team.

When not in the office, Melinda lends her time as the President of a strong female networking group, Profemmes, and is the Real Estate Attorney Member for the National Association of Divorce Professionals. Additionally, she is a member of the Real Property Probate & Trust Law Section of the Florida Bar, and a member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.  Most importantly, she is the mother to Michael.


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