This Thanksgiving, Feel Thankful for Estate Planning


This Thanksgiving, Feel Thankful for Estate Planning from Grimaldi Law Firm

You know that feeling you feel after you’ve paid off a debt, made a huge life decision that worked in your favor, or just took care of a major responsibility that needed handling?

Well, that’s what everyday feels like for us at Grimaldi Law Firm.

Grimaldi Law Firm, a leading south Florida law firm that concentrates in real estate, estate planning, probate, and business law matters, really thrives off of helping others make those sometimes difficult life decisions seem, well, easy.

And that is precisely why, this Thanksgiving holiday, we’re feeling extra thankful for the services we offer and the way in which the simplify our clients’ lives. After all, there is a reason why we say “Your Future is Our Present,” here at Grimaldi Law Firm!

One service in particular that is sure to bring extra gratitude to your Thanksgiving celebration?

Estate Planning. If we were going to compare the importance of this essential way to prepare for your family’s future to a Thanksgiving dinner dish, it would definitely be the turkey. Without the turkey, we’d have no Thanksgiving meal to plan, and without estate planning, we’d have no plan for taking care of our family’s financial future.

So this Thanksgiving and holiday season, here are the top reasons why we’re feeling thankful for being able to offer top-notch estate planning legal assistance, and why you should feel grateful too.

1.      Peace of mind.

Like eating a slice of pie on the verge of a food coma after a giant Thanksgiving meal, planning your estate with Grimaldi Law Firm has that same kind of unpleasant satisfaction. Like, at first, you question whether you really need to go through with the process, but once you’re finished, you feel much better than you thought you would.

2.      Ease and Simplicity.

Contrary to popular belief, what the estate planning process entails is not all that difficult. As long as you’re prepared to make decisions, have spoken to your family ahead of time, and have clear picture of what you want your estate to look like after you are no longer here – Grimaldi Law Firm really helps you to simplify the estate planning process.

3.      We make an uncomfortable situation a lot more comfortable.

The person who is handling your will, trust or estate in Florida and all of the other relevant documents that go along with it, should offer helpful advice in a friendly and patient manner. At Grimaldi Law Firm, you can guarantee we’ll be here to answer any of your estate planning questions, no matter how big or small.

So on Thanksgiving and year through, be thankful for those of us who are here to help you, and contact us with any of your estate planning needs!

Grimaldi Law Firm, where your future is our present.

About the Author:  Melinda Grimaldi is an attorney in Hollywood, Florida, whose practice is concentrated in the areas of commercial and residential real estate and estate planning law.  She can be reached at (954) 491-8707 or

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