Don’t Fall For These Three Home Buying Tricks


You are ready to purchase a home and so you begin the process of visiting neighborhoods until you narrow it down to a few perfect areas where you would love to live. Now it’s time to start looking at houses. But before you do, take heed of a few red flags that we’ve encountered and would like you to be aware of.

1.      Beware of what you don’t see:

Your first interaction with your potential new home is likely through online photos.  Of course the owners are going to shoot and design the images to make their property look beautiful. But what you should be aware of are the areas of the home you don’t see in the photos. When you walk thru the home, make sure you visit these sections of the house. There could be something that lowers the home’s value or is in need of obvious repair. Also make sure your contract has an inspection period, which allows you to have time to hire a licensed and insured home inspector.

2.      Don’t be fooled by candles.

A seller may have a collection of Yankee Candles burning as you tour the house. Their scents may be pleasant and welcoming, but take note if there are too many burning at once – they could be trying to cover something up.  Mold has a very specific smell and having a mold problem is a serious one to have in a home. Mold can cause numerous medical issues and can be costly to target and eliminate and then to repair the area. Take time inspecting areas that seem extra moist or humid, where mold could be thriving.

3.      A “water view” may not always be a good thing.

Another aspect to look out for is a wall or area that has been recently painted. Water damage is very common in South Florida real estate. There will be a noticeable difference in an instance where the seller wanted to spruce up a section of the home as opposed to the fact that they wanted to cover up water damage.  Feel free to touch the section that has been painted and see if the wall’s texture is different than the surrounding area. Walls that have been ruined by water damage will feel soft to the touch. Depending on the extent of the damage, this may not be a deal breaker but getting it checked out before closing the deal is best.

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