You Wouldn’t Go to a Dentist for Back Surgery, Would You? Then Learn How to Hire the RIGHT Lawyer for Your Legal Needs in Florida

As the owner and founder of Grimaldi Law Firm, I can’t even believe I have to say this. Maybe it’s because I’m blinded by the law, always sticking to the straight and narrow and doing things the “kosher” way – but more and more, I’m seeing examples of poor, innocent (or not so innocent) souls having to clean up their legal messes.


Because believe it or not, there are still people out there who will hire unlicensed people to handle their legal matters, or provide them with legal representation in the state of Florida.

I know what you’re thinking – how could anyone let this happen? Trust me, I’ve had this thought many times before, but each time I take on a case or matter to fix a misrepresented issue, I realize that the client usually did not know better.

Which is precisely why I’m glad you’re reading this - because knowledge is power.

Not long ago, an international client came to me in despair after he had hired a Notary Public in the state of Florida to prepare a deed after his grandmother passed away. Since this client did not know what a legal deed entailed, and the Notary did not know how to properly execute the matters of the deed, only half of the interest for the property was transferred, with the remaining 50% left missing in action. The client was under the assumption that this deed had the inheritance built in and that all the estate matters of the deceased grandmother were taken care of. The problem? Well, aside from this client not hiring a real estate attorney in Florida, the Notary didn't know how to create a document that held weight with the law. This would have cost them only $300 to the first time with a licensed attorney in Florida, but having to backtrack after the fact and fix all the mistakes cost him almost $8,000. Ten years later, when trying to sell the property, they had to go through the court system to fix all of the errors.

Think that’s bad? Just wait, there’s more.

Another client of mine purchased a coop in south Florida, and relied on an out-of-state attorney to handle the trust for them. This attorney sold them an invalid trust document that he printed from the internet, which was invalid and did not protect them in any way. Had I caught the errors any later than I had, they would have had to go through probate.

So what is the average person to do when looking to hire a professional and trustworthy attorney in Florida? Don’t trust just anyone, for one!

  1. Hire a real attorney.

Again, I can’t believe I have to say this, but I just want to make sure I reiterate the obvious. A real, licensed by the Florida Bar Attorney, will be able to represent you the right way, with no mess to clean up later.

  1. Do your research.

Not every attorney has a great reputation. When lawyers make mistakes that are unethical, they are disbarred and no longer allowed to legally represent clients. Do your due diligence and check in the with Florida Bar and get some scoop on the attorney you’re about to hire – by first making sure they’re in good standing with the bar.

  1. Make sure they concentrate on the areas you're looking for legal representation in.

You wouldn’t go to the dentist for back surgery, would you? Looking to hire a real estate attorney in Florida to sell your house? Great, don’t hire a personal injury lawyer. Need to plan for your family’s financial future with a great estate planning attorney? Smart move – just don’t hire a commercial litigator to handle it for you. You get the point, right?

And above all else, consider Grimaldi Law Firm a trusted source of knowledge, law, and professionalism on your journey to resolve your legal situations.

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