Why Hiring a Real Estate Attorney is Better Than a Title Company

Purchasing your home – whether you are a first-time homebuyer or not – can be a stressful and complicated matter, but not when it comes to working with leading real estate law firm, Grimaldi Law.

At Grimaldi Law, we are here to assist you in every step of the way for one of the biggest purchases you will make.

Let this sink in for a moment: You have saved for what feels like ages and are now finally ready to purchase a home. You are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, have you considered having an attorney as part of your team to protect your investment?

Or will you just use your title company instead?

Hmm, let me put this in laymen’s terms. You know when you lease a new car and you’re offered full tire protection for the length of your lease? You turn it down to save a few hundred dollars, and then within a few months, you’ve hit a pothole, ran over a nail and need to spend ever more money to replace your tires and rims?

Yes, we’re the tire protection.

 While we can’t make any decisions for you on who to hire when buying or selling your house, we can certainly educate you on the benefits of having an attorney represent you in the process, versus letting your title company handle it.

Here’s the thing: While a title company may make sure that the title to your property is clear and be able to offer you title insurance to protect the lender and/or owner, a title company does not represent you.

Only your attorney can.

Here’s a few other things your attorney can do that your title company cannot:

-          Answer your legal questions pertaining to your closing.

-          Decipher the ‘legalese’ of any documents you are signing.

-          Resolve any issues with the title and/or existing contract.

-          Give you legal advice as needed.

A Grimaldi Law attorney will not only be with you the day of your closing to explain the many documents you will have to sign, but will also be there for you from beginning to end, answering your questions, making sure you are not being taken advantage of, and protecting your interests or money. We have the expertise and knowledge to look out for your best home-buying or selling interests. If you are selling, we will also make sure you get your profit from the sale and pay off your mortgage.  Attorneys are held to a higher standard than title agents: we can make sure everything is done properly, that no corners are cut and that everything is done legally and ethically.

If you are buying, we will be on hand to explain to you the terms and conditions of your new mortgage, your liability, if you are assuming an existing mortgage, alternative means of financing, where and how to file for a homestead exemption, and insurance requirements. We will also make sure to get you a clear title, while taking care of scheduling your closing and coordinating with the other parties and your lender.

Bottom line?

When you hire a real estate attorney to represent YOU, we have a fiduciary responsibility to you as our client and not to other parties. Your attorney will protect you from potential mistakes in the closing process.

Grimaldi Law is a turnkey South Florida law firm, where all your bases are covered. From listing to getting the keys, we are ready to be on your team and make sure your home buying or selling experience is a stress free and happy one – just as it should be.

About the Author:  Melinda Grimaldi is an attorney in Hollywood, Florida, whose practice is concentrated in the areas of commercial and residential real estate and estate planning law. 

She can be reached at (954) 491-8707



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