The Importance of Checking In with Aging Family During the Holidays

Another holiday season is upon us, and whether you’re celebrating Easter or Passover, you’re likely gearing up to visit with family you haven’t seen in a while.

At Grimaldi Law Firm, a leader in estate planning, real estate, probate and business law, we value family time more than anything! Not only is this a time to connect, enjoy, and celebrate – it’s a time to check in on those you love most.

If you are fortunate enough to have your parents joining you for this week’s celebrations, bear in mind that this is also a perfect opportunity to “check in.”  Or, more specifically, for adult children to perform a reality check on how their aging parents are doing health-wise, as well as assess financial and medical planning issues.

Remember, your parents spent 18 years or more taking the best care of you, so the cycle of life insists you do the same.

Three things to check for when visiting with your parents:

1.      Check your elderly relatives’ home for potential fall hazards. 

2.      Check for unopened mail. This is often a telltale sign that they are having a hard time caring for themselves or coping on their own.

3.      Check the pantry and refrigerator to ensure it is well stocked with healthy and nutritious options.  If a parent has lost weight or there is spoiled food around, this is a sign that they may need some additional help around the house.

Three things to do before you leave:

1.      Make a list of all your parents’ medications, get the phone numbers of their primary care physicians, and leave these numbers in a clear and visible place, like the refrigerator in case a parent should feel ill. 

2.      Be sure you have the license numbers of all vehicles in case one is stolen or your parent goes missing.

3.      Make decisions with your parents regarding health care directives. If they have not yet set up their estate planning documents, it’s time to help them create one.

If you’d like to learn more about wills, living wills, advance health care directives, power of attorney for health care designations or any other aspects of estate planning, call our office today to schedule a time for us to sit down and talk. We normally charge $750 for a Family Wealth Planning Session, but because this planning is so important, I’ve made space for the next two people who mention this article to have a complete planning session at no charge. Call Grimaldi Law Firm today, and mention this article to reserve your free spot.

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