Summer Safety Tips for Families in Florida

Take one step outside and you’ll immediately know that it’s almost summer in south Florida. Warmer weather, school vacation, and time off with the kids brings a whole new excitement and energy to any household – even my own.

At Grimaldi Law Firm, a leader in helping families safeguard their futures through estate planning, keeping kids safe and well-taken care of is a top priority.

As we all gear up to unofficially ring in the start of summer this Memorial Day Weekend in Florida, here are a few critical safety tips for children when the days get longer and the weather gets hotter.

1.     Master Water Safety

Water safety is a must when it comes to raising children in south Florida. If you plan on bringing your children around water, it’s important to know that just one second or glance in another direction is all it can take to bring about a tragedy. Some ways to keep your child safe amidst all the pool and beach excitement, according to this list from the CDC, include:

  • Always supervising children when in or around water. A responsible adult should constantly watch young children.
  • Teaching kids to swim. Formal swimming lessons can protect young children from drowning.
  • Learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Your CPR skills could save someone’s life.
  • Installing a four-sided fence around home pools.

2.     Say NO to Bugs

As the weather heats up, the mosquito bites start appearing with more frequency – a combination of the humidity that insects love so much, and more outdoor time with the family. With the recent Zika, West Nile, and Lyme Disease scares, all transmitted by insects it’s critical to arm yourself and your children with insect repellent and make a regular habit of checking your children for ticks.

3.     Prevent Injuries

Longer days, better weather, and more free time almost always lend itself to activity that could potentially cause injuries. Summer is a very popular time for playground falls, bicycle scrapes, and even worse, head injuries. Make sure to:

·       Check to make sure that the surfaces under playground equipment are safe, soft, and well-maintained.

·       Supervise young children at all times around fall hazards, such as stairs and playground equipment.

·       Use stair gates, which can help keep a busy, active child from taking a dangerous tumble.

And of course, sunscreen. ALL the sunscreen. Your children should make sunscreen a part of their daily routine in Florida, with frequent reapplications throughout the day.

At Grimaldi Law Firm, your future is our present, and we are happier knowing your children will have a safe and enjoyable summer!

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