If You're the Parent of a High School Graduate, READ THIS!

In the blink of an eye, our children grow up. No matter how old your child is, it’s as if each time you glance in their direction your first thought is,

How does time fly by so quickly?”

This is especially true if you’re the parent of a recent high school graduate.

First, congratulations. At Grimaldi Law Firm, a law firm that focuses on helping families through various changes in their lives, we know what it takes to make it to this point in your child’s life.

It takes a lot of time, energy, and dedication to raise a child through their adolescence into early adulthood. Now that they’re on to this next major step in their lives, we’re sure you’re going to want to protect your child just as you did for the last 18 years.

Before you send your child off into the world, whether it be to their dream university or a job across the country, it’s important that you understand the legal rights your child will now have. Turning 18 brings about a hefty dose of responsibility in the legal sense.

Even though they will always be your babies, a child is not longer considered a child once their 18th birthday rolls around – at least not in terms of the law. Unfortunately, even though Mom and Dad may know best, you will no longer have the legal right to make some of the decisions you once made for your children. This includes access to their health care information, school records, and even financial records, at least not without their permission. 

Here are some steps you should take before your child flies the coop, that will help ensure your peace of mind and their safety once they are out in the world on their own:

Add the ICE app to your child’s phone.

Speaking of phones, you’ll want to take advantage of an app called Ice, which stands for In Case of Emergency. This is another way to ensure that you will be contacted should your child have an emergency. Add the ICE app to the home page of your child’s phone and make sure that it lists your contact information.  Your child is more likely to always have their phone with them than to carry a printed card or document with the same information.

 Create an advance healthcare directive

A healthcare directive that will allow you to access their medical records and make medical decisions for them in case your child becomes incapacitated is critical once they reach adulthood.  You will need this in case of an emergency. At Grimaldi Law Firm, we can help you create an advance healthcare directive and modify it down the line if need be.

For more information on protecting your baby now that they’ve reached adulthood, call our office to schedule a time for us to sit down and talk about a Family Planning Session. Together, we can identify the best ways for you to ensure the security of your children as they go off into the world on their own for the very first time. This is one instance in life where you’ll certainly want to have all of your bases covered.

 Visit us anytime this Summer for a Family Planning Session and we’ll waive our $750 planning fee PLUS create a free healthcare directive for your young adult child.

 At Grimaldi Law Firm, your future is our present.

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