South Florida's Fastest Growing Real Estate Dream Team: It All Started Here.

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A team, by definition, is a group who comes together to achieve a common goal. When it comes to real estate in Florida, there is no greater choice you can make to buy or sell a home than to choose a full service real estate team. 

Grimaldi Law Firm prides itself on being a top Real Estate Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale.

Not only have we spent years working to ensure that our firm’s real estate clients are protected in the best way possible, we have committed ourselves to educating those we work with on real estate best practices and trends.  Since a family’s home is usually the largest asset owned for most families, it is imperative that that asset is protected. 

Part of this, includes helping clients put together a strong and fast South Florida real estate team. Grimaldi Law Firm has resources in the following areas, creating a dream team scenario, and one you should replicate should you be interested in buying or selling a property:

Top South Florida Realtors

It is no secret that a great Realtor will change the way you buy or sell property. This is why we have chosen to partner with some of the strongest realtors in Florida. A good Realtor can make or break your transaction.  Should you choose to work with a Realtor you know personally, we will make sure to work in tandem with this person to create a smooth home buying or selling process.

Mortgage Broker/Lender

Another important piece of the real estate pie is financing. Most home buyers will need to take out a mortgage to move comfortably into the perfect home for their budding family. The lender is an integral member of your real estate dream team and will be able to help you with:

·      Purchasing a new home

·      Applying for a loan

·      Remodeling your home

Insurance Agent

Homeowners insurance in Florida is required if you are taking out a loan. Having a trusted insurance professional as part of your real estate dream team will ensure that you know in advance what these costs might look like, as to avoid any surprises down the road. 

Real Estate Attorney/Closing Agent

Of course, this is where Grimaldi Law Firm takes the reins. Not only will we protect you and keep you informed during the home buying and selling process, we can act as your closing agent as well. We will collect all funds, clear title issues and ensure title is properly transferred.  With someone to answer any questions you may have about the process, at any point, we have put all of our clients at ease in knowing that there is a full service team supporting their sale or purchase at every point in the process.

In today’s day and age, where life is hectic and “busy” has become a way of life, isn’t it nice to know that you have a one-stop-shop on your side for one of life’s most important transactions?

At Grimaldi Law Firm, your future is our present.

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