Relocating to Florida? Check Out These Relocation Tips and Resources

Being a real estate attorney in Florida means that I am constantly being asked about what the process of relocating to Florida entails. I, too, am a transplant whose family successfully relocated to the sunshine state from out of the country back when I was a child.

And if you’re thinking of relocating to Florida, I can’t say that I blame you.

Life in Florida is pretty sweet!

But before you pack up and head south, there are a few things that we at Grimaldi Law Firm want you to know. Whether you’re making a full time move down to the sunshine state or are simply looking to purchase a vacation property – we’re happy to help educate you on some Florida tips and tidbits.

1.     Even in a beautiful location, location still matters.

Believe it or not, there are people who move to Florida for reasons other than enjoying more time on the beach. Living on the beach is pretty great, but there are also advantages of living inland as well! Considering your proximity to what matters most to you and your family means more than the landscape for a full-time move – such as school districts, safe neighborhoods, and family-friendly communities.

2.     Taxes & Insurance

Florida has always been a prime location for home buyers considering how much cheaper taxes are in certain areas of the state. One thing to remember though, in a state that has a whole season dedicated to hurricanes, is that what you save in taxes, you may be spending on homeowner’s insurance. In addition to this, insurance companies will insist your new home has hurricane shutters and even hurricane impact windows in some cases, and this can add up quick!

3.     Speaking of weather, plan accordingly.

If you’re thinking of relocating to Florida just for the summer months, please be aware that the summer weather in Florida is highly unpredictable – and wet! During hurricane season, you can expect rain at least once a day, and we’re not just talking a light drizzle! If you don’t mind the heat and humidity in summer, then this won’t be an issue, but for elderly couples who may be affected by the intense Florida summers, this is worth taking note.

4.     Homestead Exemption

A Florida favorite, most new homebuyers in the state of Florida are privy to an amazing exemption! As we recently reported, Florida is a homestead state, meaning Florida homeowners can file for a homestead exemption worth up to $50,000. This exemption reduces the amount of taxes you’ll pay on your property, and puts a cap on how much your taxes might increase on a yearly basis without it. Click here to learn if you qualify for this exemption!

The most important tip of all? Hire a real esatate attorney before entering into a contract!
Florida is very transient state and fraud is not uncommon. Make sure you are protected and of course, ask questions! Relocating is exciting, and we want to help you through this process by answering any questions you may have. Because at Grimaldi Law Firm, your future is our present.

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