What would happen to your children in the case of an emergency?


When you found out that your family was going to grow with little ones, you felt a lot of emotions: excitement, love, purpose.  One other emotion that we all have felt, at one point or another, is worry or fear.  As parents, we ask ourselves many questions:

Will my child be healthy?

Will my child get hurt?

Will I make the right decisions?

Will my child do well in school?

Will I always be there for my child when he or she needs me?

One question that often gets overlooked in the craziness of day-to-day life is "what will happen to my child in an emergency?"

 As hard as it is, picture this scenario: 

Mom and Dad go out for dinner and a movie on a Friday night. Children are left with the sitter. On their way home, they get hit by a drunk driver and do not survive the crash. Sitter was expecting the parents to be home at 10:00 PM. At 12:30, after several attempts to call the parents of the children, sitter calls the police. The police is there shortly thereafter and takes some info from the sitter. Children are sleeping. Police call in the search and find out about the fatal accident. Children are then woken up, belongings are gathered very quickly, and children are then taken to a shelter and will wait there until things are processed. If local family or enforceable documents cannot be located, children are sent to a foster home.

This does happen!  Losing your parents is tragic enough for minor children - DO NOT MAKE IT EVEN HARDER ON THEM!  With the right planning, you can make sure that they are not taken from their home to a shelter or foster home to be placed with people they have never met before.

I was in the same position as you.  When I became a mom, I realized that I did not even have all my estate planning in order the prevent that scenario from happening.  That is why I created the Family Peace of Mind Plan - to protect my son.  

My son, Michael, on his first birthday.

My son, Michael, on his first birthday.

Now, I am on a mission to educate to prevent this from happening to your children!

Here is what we do differently at

Grimaldi Law Firm:

First, we focus on the needs of growing families and make the estate planning experience easy and convenient. Estate planning is not just for the very wealthy or the very old. In fact, if you have young children, it’s imperative that you plan for them. We provide comprehensive guidance to ensure that your children will be cared for by the people you want in the way that you want in case something happens to you. We don’t leave it up to the authorities to make these decisions for you. Second, perhaps this is your first time meeting with an estate planning attorney, and we’ll take good care of you. You can count on us to answer all of your questions in a timely manner, in a way you can understand (no legalese here), and we will never charge you for contacting us. In fact, we encourage you to call us. Everything we do is billed flat fee, agreed to in advance –   no surprises. Finally, we don’t just provide a set of documents and send you on your way. We work with you to ensure that your assets are properly titled, and we review your plan at least every three years at no additional charge so that your plan stays up to date.


Through the drafting of legal documents and other tools, our Family Peace of Mind Plan will make sure that this does not happen to your children so that you can rest easy at night knowing that you have done all you could to protect your family.