Probate is a legal process that takes place after one has passed away and most often a necessary process. when probate is needed, a personal representative for the estate will need to present to the court the beneficiaries, the assets, and the debts.

anyone can petition the court to be a personal representative to the estate, but ultimately the judge will appoint.

while this is an uncomfortable and unfortunate issue to have, grimaldi law firm handles probate cases with the utmost sensitivity and care for all parties involved. 

□ Help client plan to avoid it

Probate is often a lengthy and costly legal proceeding. We can help you avoid it if possible by using certain legal tools so that your assets will transfer automatically upon death eliminating both the time and expense. 

□ Summary Administration

In estates valued at less than $75,000, or if there is a loved one that has passed away for more than two years, Grimaldi Law can assist client through this expedited probate process.

□ Estate Administration

Following the death of an individual, Grimaldi Law will assist clients manage the estate of their loved ones to pay off any debts and taxes and distribute the remaining property to the heirs of the estate.

□ Ancillary Administration

If the decedent lived elsewhere but owned property in Florida, probate will be necessary in Florida.  This probate process will have a limited scope to deal with just the Florida Property.

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