With Grimaldi Law on your side, your real estate transactions, whether residential or commercial, will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail. We know that making a real estate purchase is a process that deserves individualized attention. At Grimaldi Law, your real estate purchase is our pleasure.

Real Estate Closings

Grimaldi Law handles all aspects of your real estate closing to ensure you purchase or sell your property with ease. We will draft, review, and negotiate specific terms of your real estate contract while working closely with you to guarantee you understand each part of the process.

Represent Buyers, sellers, investors, developers, lenders

Grimaldi Law represents property buyers, sellers, investors, developers and lenders by working closely together to accomplish their goals.

Open holding companies for property ownership

  • Including drafting articles for a corporation or LLC

  • Drafting bylaws, operating agreements, shareholder agreements

  • Assist in business set up

Prepare trusts for property ownership

A well-written and legally binding trust for property ownership is essential. Grimaldi Law will help you prepare a trust that helps you to feel safe with your purchase.

Refinance your loan

Refinancing often brings about many questions and options. Grimaldi Law will help you refinance in the best way for your needs as well as work with your lender to provide them with the title documents they need to close the transaction.

Draft Deeds

When a property is bought, sold, or transferred, a deed must be drafted to legally record the transaction. Grimaldi law will help you create a deed specific to your transaction.

Draft mortgage documents

Allowing an expert such as Grimaldi Law to assist banks and private lenders in drafting their mortgage documents will help to both simplify and speed up the process.

Draft seller documents

There are a number of documents that are required from the seller during a real estate transaction. Grimaldi Law will prepare the documents necessary and ensure you understand this part of the process.

Resolve title or inspection issues

Title insurance from a diligent attorney is one of the most important facets of a real estate transaction. Grimaldi Law will resolve any issues associated with the title to your property or inspection results.

Commercial Leases

When leasing commercial property, it is important to have an attorney on your side who understands each aspect of this transaction. Grimaldi Law will handle your commercial lease for you to best protect your interests.


Grimaldi Law will ensure that your evictions are handled quickly and with great care to minimize a landlord’s losses.

Property Division

In the event that your property must be divided due to circumstances outside of your control, Grimaldi Law is prepared to help you with your property division needs.

Draft review and/or negotiate Real Estate Sale Contract

A real estate contract is a lengthy document that often leaves a buyer or seller with many questions. Grimaldi Law will help you review your contract and assist with any necessary negotiations in the process leading up to your transaction.

Residential real estate

The residential real estate market in Florida is ever-changing and can seem a bit intimidating, especially to a first time home buyer in Florida. Grimaldi Law will remain dedicated to easing this process and ensuring your residential real estate purchase process is one that works best for you and your needs.

Commercial real estate

Whether you are purchasing or selling commercial real estate in Florida, we will help you navigate the often intimidating process. When represented by Grimaldi Law during your commercial real estate transaction, you can guarantee you’ll take the lead in the purchase.

Draft Condominium Documents

Condominium Associations in Florida tend to have many rules and stipulations. We can help put together or help you navigate a condominium document specific to the needs of your association.

Draft escrow agreement, act as escrow agent, closing agent, title agent

Your escrow agreement defines the arrangement by which one party deposits an asset with a third person, called an escrow agent, who makes delivery to another party when conditions are met. Grimaldi Law will act as your escrow agent and/or prepare necessary documents on your behalf.

Assist you in handling '1031 Exchanges'

A United States Internal Revenue Code, (26 U.S.C. § 1031), A 1031 exchange is the exchange of certain types of property that may defer the recognition of capital gains or losses due upon sale, and hence defer any capital gains taxes otherwise due. Grimaldi Law will handle any 1031 exchanges necessary during your purchase or sale.

Give legal advice throughout the real estate transaction

A real estate transaction can often be a difficult road to navigate on your own, and a lengthy one at that. This road should not be travelled without an attorney.  Grimaldi Law is here for you from start to finish, and through each intricacy of the real estate process.

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